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The Bridal Hub now has Wedding Gift Cards available on request

Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding cake topper is a small ornament that sits on top of the wedding cake normally to be kept as a keep sake.  Traditionally wedding cake toppers were representing the couple in formal attire, today, the cake toppers form part of the bride and grooms wedding theme (beach theme cake toppers), colour and style.  The Bridal Hub offers a wide variety of wedding cake toppers that reflect the growing diversity in marriages today.  

Wedding favours & favour boxes


Whether yous say wedding bonbonniere, bonboniere, bomboniere or wedding favours, they are small tokens given to each guest at a wedding to say thankyou for sharing your special day.  Wedding bonbonniere boxes and bags come in all shapes and sizes from traditional to fun and contemporary styles.

Wedding toasting flutes & bridal glassware 

Wedding toasting is a ritual where a drink is taken as an expression of goodwill, health or happiness and is one of the first duties performed by the newly married couple.  Browse our range of elegant wedding toasting flutes, bridal glasses & bridal party glassware.