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Wedding bridal bouquet lucky charms  - bouquet charms, wedding charms & lucky horseshoes

Customs & traditions surrounding the wedding ceremony have been passed down from generation to generation.

The wedding lucky horseshoe tied to a brides bouquet represents good luck. The wedding lucky shoe charm is traditionally from the brides father handling over a shoe to the groom representing the hand over of his daughter.  Wedding bells lucky charm represents church bells rung when the bride & groom emerge from the Church after the ceremony and represents good fortune.  The wedding garter toss is a tradition dating back to the 14th century.

Tie a wedding lucky charm or wedding lucky horseshoe to your bouquet and hand down this traditon for generations to come.


Filgrea "V"
Product Code: 261chr
Bridal Bouquet Charm - gold or silver
Metal Heart with Pearl
Product Code: 263
Pearl Heart
Product Code: 264
Faux pearl heart shaped charm
Metal Cross
Product Code: 267
Wedding bouquet charm
Product Code: 274

Toasting glass Wedding Lucky Charm - Gold, Silver or white

(Gold currently out of stock)

Twin Butterfly Lucky Charm
Product Code: 275
Silver - White bridal bouquet lucky keepsake charm
Bible Keepsake Charm
Product Code: 276Bible
Wedding keepsake bouquet Charm
Twin Wedding Bells
Product Code: 280
Wedding Charm
Wedding Bouquet Lucky Charm
Product Code: 281
Wedding Charm flower ball
Wedding Novelty gift
Product Code: rollpin
Rolling pin novelty
Personalised wedding horseshoe
Product Code: WWSHOR
White wedding horseshoe with personalised ribbon
Shell Wedding Lucky Horseshoe
Product Code: HRSSHE
Beach theme wedding bouquet lucky horseshoe
Wedding Horseshoe Cream
Product Code: 227
Cream satin horseshoe with 2 hearts
Diamond heart horseshoe
Product Code: Diamheart
Ivory satin with diamond heart horseshoe
Wedding Lucky Horseshoe
Product Code: 221
Silver & white horseshoe with butterflies
Crystal Heart Bridal Bouquet Charm
Product Code: 222
Bridal Bouquet Ornament
Horseshoe White
Product Code: 223
Silver Flowers
Wedding Lucky Horseshoe
Product Code: 224
White with silver bells - awaiting new stock
Horseshoe White
Product Code: 225
Gold Lace Edge
Product Code: 229
Silver Bow
Product Code: 230
Gold Edge
Brooch Bouquet
Product Code: BroochPru
Beautiful Handmade Brooch Bouquet made to order